Fiddle Lessons

Learn fiddle in person or online!

I’m available to teach in person or online via Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangout. Whether you are new to old-time fiddle or want to explore some advanced playing, I can help you with your old-time fiddling. My teaching focus is on learning techniques to help develop your old-time ‘sound’ while also learning great tunes.

After each lesson, I can provide a video of the tunes played slowly and up to speed.

There are several themes or tracks we can pursue, including:

  • squirrelly tunes from West Virginia, Kentucky, and all over
  • solo fiddling
  • fiddling in a stringband
  • playing for square dances (choosing the right tunes and tempo, working with callers, interacting with the dancers)
  • playing in banjo / fiddle duets
  • waltzes
  • beyond breakdowns
  • ‘fix it’ lessons – bring a tune you aren’t happy with and I’ll show you some different approaches to playing it

I am glad to prescribe what we work on; we can also work together to come up with what works best for you.

Get in touch with me at with any inquiries or questions!


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