John Gallagher & Scott Prouty with Chris Coole
No Corn on Tygart is a collection of traditional old-time fiddle tunes and songs from West Virginia, East Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Indiana.

Available by writing me at sprout333 @ gmail dot com or through CD Baby, County Sales, and Cleff’d Ear.

John Gallagher & Scott Prouty | No Corn On Tygart


“…music that absorbs the attention and focuses you on the melody, the emotion, and some gorgeous tones.” – The Old-Time Herald

“The twin fiddles resonate in the room with an enchanting ring. The fiddling is rich and lively. The high standard of musicianship and the taste demonstrated in the selection of material collected, as well as the fine quality of the recording, make this an exceptional find.” – Fiddler Magazine


Puncheon Floor showcases the older West Virginia and Kentucky mountain styles of fiddle playing, which includes dance music as well as beautiful solo fiddle tunes.

It’s now available from CD Baby, County Sales, and Cleff’d Ear.


“…this is old-time music as it should be: music played for enjoyment rather than show, tunes shared warmly between friends.” – The Old-Time Herald

“… is a joy from beginning to end. Old-time fiddling in the twenty first century is in good hands.” – Sing Out!

“…is a wonderful collection of mountain fiddling from one of the finest young musicians playing today.” – Goldenseal

You can read the whole Goldenseal review here

“ excellent addition to the list of great fiddle recordings to have come from West Virginia and Kentucky.”  – Fiddler Magazine


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