Journal of American Folklore – review

I’m honored to have been asked to contribute a review for the new issue of The Journal of American Folklore (Summer 2016, Vol. 129, Issue, No. 513, pp. 370-372). It’s a review of two recent Dwight Lamb recordings, “80,” and “Live in Demark 2013, [Part Two].”

Online access is limited to subscribers of JSTOR & MUSE and the new issue doesn’t seem to be up yet, unfortunately.

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2 Responses to Journal of American Folklore – review

  1. dcavins says:

    Thanks for the thorough and thoughtful review! We always have a great time playing with Dwight, and we hope that comes across in the recordings. Hope we’ll run into you somewhere and get to play some tunes. We’ll even let you play the pump organ if you want! πŸ™‚

  2. sprout333 says:

    Thanks for making the recording! I truly enjoyed hearing Dwight’s music with the various line-ups of instrumentation, you guys sounded fantastic. I would love to get out there sometime & visit – my Dad was from North Platte so I still have some family in that part of Nebraska. Unfortunately, I have zero keyboard skills but love playing with the pump organ every chance I get!

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